About our house

At the end of the 1950s Matthias Dengg and his wife Elisabeth Dengg acquired the Greiderer Hof.

They founded the Gasthof Zellerstuben with a dance hall - the "Matthias Klause" and a Stüberl - the "Speckstube".

Zellerstuben Hiasl and Lisl built a great inn with a good reputation, with hard work and iron will they did not always have it easy. Matthias had a stable with pigs and processed sausage, bacon and all the meat in the butcher's shop as well as worked in the kitchen in the evening and Lisl, who had a heart of gold, attracted many visitors with her singing and harp playing.

In 2006 after both passed away I, the granddaughter, took over the business, where I grew up. I am proud to be able to run such a traditional business like this. Of course, innovations have been made again and again, but the typical Tyrolean charm can still be found here.